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Thanks to Irish Tech News for featuring our accounting firm See Here

Our team have been selected as one of the 5 finalists in the App of the Year award category in the inaugural Digital Business Ireland-permanent tsb Digital Awards 2020 for our Doing Business in Kinsale App thanks to all who collaborated with us on this App

Our New Doing Business in Kinsale App

Thanks to RTE Boost my Business for featuring our Digital Hub : RTE Boost My Business

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As the next phase of this exciting community based project we have decided to build an App working with us on this project we have engaged James Gale CEO of Mova Ireland which is a fully integrated software development agency from design to development. It builds and maintains a large suite of software solutions for corporate clients across Europe and USA. From networking apps to event software and corporate communication tools their detail can be found on

To help support the local community we will be listing free all local clubs and organisations free of charge in the town of which there are over 64. The guides are available to read in E- book format on the website www.doingbusinessinkinsale.comand we are thrilled that it has been shortlisted for the CSR Initiative of the Year at the Irish Accountancy Awards 2020 as it was last year.

To help in the recovery and future growth of the town the Doing Business in Kinsale App will be innovative and collaborate with the great work being done collectively by all the stakeholders, groups and organisations in the town using the latest technology. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this project so far and we look forward to bringing you a new and exciting App that will showcase Kinsale in general in a collaborative way all done from your smart phone. Our team are busy building this App and look forward to working with Mova on this project .To be part of this please email if you would like to feature your business. Doing Business in Kinsale is an initiative of Fitzgerald & Partners Accountants, supporting the Kinsale business community.

Business Reboot & Recovery - Supports For Businesses Impacted By COVID-19 – July 2020

Our expert team have compiled guidance and advice on various supports available as well as some other useful information and tools, including a SME Checklist to help you manage the impacts of the crisis and plan for the future. The Irish Government along with other supporting authorities, have announced unprecedented measures to support individuals and businesses during this pandemic, which they are constantly reviewing and updating. Please see details on our website on

If you would like to talk to our team about how we can help you apply for the schemes below or discuss how you should proceed at this time call us on +353 21 4774500 or email us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

We have commissioned a town survey and report with recommendations submitted to Government and along with other groups await details of the new stimulus package for the SME sector due in July. We have provided a weekly Ezine free support communication to our clients and contacts we have received positive feedback on and helped hundreds of SMEs in the last few months with our free consultation. Finally our innovative Contactless Digital Tax Return service is very popular for those who wish to get their tax return done from the comfort of their own homes without a need to meet in person.

Doing Business Internationally

Fitzgerald & Partners are delighted to have featured in the Edinburgh Group, SMP of the Future in a changing World. Edinburgh Group is a coalition of 16 accountancy bodies from across the world, representing over 900,000 professional Accountants from Africa, North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America.

We are also delighted to be a contributor in another international report with the Word Bank Group and the European Commission, doing business in the European Union 2020, Greece, Ireland and Italy. Comparing business regulations for domestic firms in 24 cities in Greece, Ireland and Italy with 187 other economies. Fitzgerald & Partners were a private sector contributor to the research team in this international report.

Doing Business in the European Union 2020 - Greece, Ireland and Italy

Fitzgerald & Partners were delighted to reference this report in Doing Business In Kinsale and also be part of the private sector contributors for this . The report produced by the World Bank Group in association with the European Commission compares business regulation for domestic firms in 24 Cities in Greece, Ireland and Italy with 187 other economies. The report is available to download . One of the key findings in this report is that starting a business in Ireland costs less and is simpler than the EU average. CPA firm Fitzgerald & Partners Kinsale was a private sector contributor helping with the research team for the report.