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As Accountants we understand complexity and this is useful in deal advisory and also in the modern business environment where businesses need to adapt to change. Our team are helping business Adapt and navigate the Coivd-19 pandemic and also deal with Brexit and being prepared for these challenges that SMEs are facing.

We are a CPA firm and a local firm keen to support SMEs nationwide. We carry out all the services of an accountancy firm in terms of audit, tax and advisory and our niche area is in that of Advisory. We are providing free Ezines and consultations to local SMEs to help them in their recovery. Supporting our local community.

Over the last 23 years we have assisted lots of expatriates in their move to Kinsale and surrounding areas from all corners of the globe and enjoy helping them in their financial and tax planning move here in a totally private and confidential manner. We have alot of international clients. We have clients globally we help in setting up in Ireland as a good place to do business.

We act for some of the leading CEO’s and business leaders in Ireland and beyond and learn as much from them as they do from us in the process. We are good listeners and enjoy problem solving.

Our new Doing Business in Kinsale App and our cloud based accounting solutions are geared towards utilising technology to make data collection and accounts more efficient. We are working with our clients to help them in their personal income tax returns to help them in this process.

We were honoured to be one of only two Irish CPA firms to be selected as a case study for the SMP Practice of the future in a global accountancy research report by the Edinburgh Group which went to over 900,000 accountants worldwide. We also were shortlisted in the advisory team of the year at the Irish Accountancy Awards and for App of the year at the Digital Business Ireland Awards 2021.

We are doing a lot of work in terms of Covid-19 advisory, the main concern for business at present to help in cashflow forecasting and accessing supports. We have a free dedicated page with useful ezine links and information on our site. See Here We also do alot of specialist tax work for both private and corporate.

Our team are constantly looking to add value and innovate and on a constant improvement process. Many thanks to all our clients, advisors, mentors and those who have supported us and continue to do so in our journey. We enjoy working with entrereneures and SMEs in business advisory and mentoring them to develop growth strategies for their business.

Stay Safe and Keep Going! Better days are ahead.

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The firm has an excellent team to service the requirements of our clients.

    • Our team are good listeners and are keen to understand and work with our clients. The ethos of the firm is that of growth, both growing as a firm ourselves but also to help our clients in developing growth strategies for their business.

    • We work in compliance such as income tax returns and corporation tax returns to consultancy assignments where we act as consultants in a business advisory capacity for small, medium and large clients. We deal with both private and corporate assignments on a totally confidential basis including tax and wealth management. We do specialist tax consultancy as is needed.

    • Some of our niche areas we enjoy working in would be international tax where clients are moving to Ireland from other jurisdictions and we help in tax planning that move for them. Another growth area is our business advisory service where we add value to businesses by understanding the challenges that they face. We regularaly advise on the buying and selling of businesses. We deal with alot of UK SMES in terms of Brexit advisory.

    • Our office outsourcing - business centre is there to service the needs of our clients in outsourcing aspects of their business such as VAT, payroll, management accounts and we use cloud based technology so that our clients can have their data available on their devices in real time which SMEs need to monitor their business using KPI's. All done contactless.

    • We enjoy working with SMEs and entrepreneurs with the latest in technology and software, provided by our excellent team of CPA's who work both on and off site, now remote working using technology. Our digital hub is useful to provide safe co-working space to save on commuting.

    • Our team do regular updates for our clients, in terms of regular Ezines and social media updates via all the social media platforms. Our niche areas that we particularly enjoy working in are dealing with expatriates, those moving to Ireland and also in the areas of tourism and hospitality, consulting and advisory and a particular focus of working with entrepreneurs to help them keep going. We are constantly looking at ways to make our firm more sustainable in the process.

    • Cormac Fitzgerald FCPA has a special interest in the SME sector and is a large employer in the Cork area. He is the past president of CPA Ireland, one of Irelands leading accountancy bodies and former KPMG Cork Business Person of the Year and chairs the SMP committee of CPA Ireland

    • The firm is well branded and profiled as a leading business advisor in the SME sector, which accounts for 99% of business in Ireland. The firm writes articles for local media, supports events locally in the heart of the community and constantly aims to innovate in areas like on-line accounting. Our Business Centre outsources for SMEs. For a start-up client, the firm provides a start-up guide downloadable on our website addressing starting your own business.

SMP Practice of the future:

We recently featured as a case study in a global report.

The Global report recommends that small to medium sized practitioners and professional accountancy bodies must work together to adapt to change for an evolving future. A global research report ‘The SMP of the Future in a Changing World’ commissioned by the Edinburgh Group – a coalition of 16 accountancy bodies from across the world - examines the landscape ahead for the Accountancy Profession.

This report offers recommendations for small to medium sized practitioners (SMPs) and Professional Accountancy Organisations (PAOs) about how they can work better together and sustain great working relationships.

The report also states that SMPs and the PAOs that support them should prepare together for a rapidly evolving future that sees many changes on the horizon. Changes include digital technologies, regulation and deregulation to the education and skills needed to sustain and develop in this changing environment.

The report is based on an SMP survey, which gave 1,906 responses in 11 languages from 52 countries, alongside interviews with key staff in Edinburgh Group professional accountancy organisations and a series of SMP case studies. It also includes a review of other academic research into SMPs. We were honoured to be one of the only two Irish CPA firms to feature in the report.


Fitzgerald and Partners, Ireland


On-line accounts represent a growth area. Small start-ups provide their data on a weekly basis, e.g., drop it off, mail it or scan and email. The firm processes the data, inputs it in a package like Big Red Cloud & Surf . A client can access its data while scuba diving in the Caribbean or driving around Ireland. They can invoice from their device. The firm and client all work off one package and in real-time. Clients find value in always being up to date on their accounts in a very simple way. The firm works with whatever package the client prefers (Big Red Cloud, Xero, Surf or an industry specific package). We also have our very own App. With our kinsale Digital Hub and free Doing Business in kinsale App they make the ideal solution for SMEs.

Business advisory & growth

The firm views business advisory – private advice on key points in business to help in growth strategy - as the future. A deep dive into a business via a SWOT analysis reveals the issues the entrepreneur is facing. Being a good listener is important. Running a business can be lonely. SMEs find value in an advisor who understands the key issues facing their business, is independent of their stakeholders and gives objective advice. The firm regularly advises on the buying and selling of businesses and the negotiations around same and considered to be the advisor of choice for those considering buying or selling a business. We act for clients globally and deal on international assignments. Our team are intelligent and good problem solvers, it is in our DNA.

Please contact us on 353-021-477-4500 to see how we can add value to your business.