Smart Tips for SMEs

1. ESG

All businesses know they need to act on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Now the time has come for real change – going beyond good intentions to create a practical plan that achieves tangible results. Businesses are now working hard to make their business more sustainable.

2. Technology

In the past, private and family businesses sometimes struggled with digital transformation. But now they’re making great strides, often energised by their ‘digital native’ NextGens. Technology plays a key role in the growth of a business utilising the best in class hardware and software available to the sector.

3. Workforce of the future

Private businesses gain a competitive edge from their employee relationships founded on shared values and mutual trust. But even the strongest bonds must be nurtured especially given the effects of the pandemic and technology on people’s roles and working patterns. The culture of the business is vital and being flexible core to the team morale.

4. Never let a crisis go to waste

Our final point runs through all of the above and that’s to never let a crisis go to waste. It also encapsulates this idea of thinking both short and long term. To survive and thrive in the face of multiple disruptions, private businesses & SMEs may need to consider radical changes to aspects ranging from who owns the business to who takes executive decisions to how it’s funded. Crisis management is part of any organisation from the external challenges that exist. SMEs are good to adapt and remain resilient.

5. 2023 - A defining Year

Whatever 2023 brings, it’s a year that will play to SME businesses’ inherent strengths. It’s time to leverage those strengths to the full – and focusing on our key issues will help. Our team are on hand as always to do a review and deep dive to analyse your business be it small, medium or large and to see how revenue growth and cost control and KPI’s can help.

Business Book -Smart Tips for SMEs

Smart Tips for SME's

Business Book -Smart Tips for SMEs - Smart Tips for SMEs is a deep-dive in to the SME (Small-medium sized Enterprises) sector in Ireland, with case studies and contributions from thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners. The research and book provides insight into the SME sector - the most important part of the Irish economy. Whether starting your journey as an SME, or seeking to re-establish your existing brand, this book is for you. Academics, historians, economists, sociologists, current affairs writers, policy makers, companies, students, SMEs and individuals will all find fascinating insights in this book. It is a really important piece of literature with evidence-based- solutions for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Written by Economist Jim Power & Accountant Cormac Fitzgerald .

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