Free Doing Business in Kinsale App

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for App of the Year and with thousands of regular users the app also showcases local businesses and the location of defibrillators around the town. The App has been used by first responders, community leaders, start-ups and small business owners. It is of value to them and has also included all local groups and organisations and the App has engendered community spirit in Kinsale. The App is the first of its kind and could be rolled out into every town in Ireland. Built it from scratch as a follow on from the successful hard copy guides called Doing Business in Kinsale The group has collaborated with all stakeholders powered by Mova technology.

It is innovative and we have spent six months building it to encompass and support the town and all local clubs and organisations in a collaborative way. The huge amount of downloads are increasing week on week and included and showcased SMEs that would like to get their message heard and my not have large advertising budgets and we help each customer in their messaging. The design is original and the team have creatively added as many nice images and photos to the App so that it reflects well on the area from a business and tourism perspective and is all inclusive with the ethos a rising tide lifts all boats now shortlisted for App of the Year at the Digital Business Ireland awards. It may helps some SMEs that are closed for the moment but want to keep an online presence before they reopen again safely in 2021.

The team are continuing to innovate and add value to this project and this App, and will be doing some key stakeholder surveys to get more feedback during the year and we will be constantly improving it as we go along. Just added is an Interactive map highlighting the location of businesses and defibrillators. Thanks to the HSE and first responders who helped us on this which is the first of its kind and making people aware of the location of them in the area. Our technical team have worked really hard to create an innovative piece of technology to help business and community at a much-needed time in the pandemic with rolling opening and closures.

The App is a positive forum to help community and local groups organisations and charity at a much-needed time. It is also including the youth who are the future of the area. The App could be a platform and template for all towns in Ireland to help them to stabilize, recover and grow again. The App has been developed by Fitzgerald & Partners the founders of the project and partnered with tech entrepreneur James Gale of Mova Ireland using a small team and combination of accountancy and tech working together to create a digital platform to help business. It is only the start of our App and thrilled with the positive response and encourage all businesses to get in touch with us so we can include you in our profiles.

Please get in touch we would like to hear from you. Doing Business in Kinsale App Team

Contact our team on 353-21-4774500 to get more information or download our new app on your device.