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Outsourcing is promoted as a means of obtaining best practice services and efficiency in a cost effective manner. It gives businesses access to professionals leaving the business to focus on key strengths.


  • Focus on core business function
  • Get skilled staff at affordable fees
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce overheads
  • Increase profitability through better financial control
  • High quality financial analysis of your data
  • Never worry about holidays or maternity cover again
  • Proactive cash flow management

How Does It Work?

We provide your business with a suitable template for sales, and cash, payroll management, and we use this information to produce your management accounts.

Your key source records such as invoices, bank statements etc, are sent to our offices on a weekly basis.

Our team will produce weekly and monthly information in order to provide both your statutory requirement for vat and PAYE, but also the key financial information to maximise business profits.

You can choose to outsource all or part of your accounting requirements. We will tailor a package to suit your company needs.

The range of services offered include:

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts, advice on margins and analysis of business performance and KPI's.
  • Accounts payable and credit control facilities
  • Full bookkeeping services including all aspects of payroll, PAYE and VAT returns.
  • We provide a daily service for queries in relation to Payroll, Employment Legislation, Employment Contracts, VAT, Tax registration, Accounting Software packages
  • Set up of manual and computerised bookkeeping systems, cloud based systems.
  • Drop in and have an expresso in our modern office and meet our team.
  • We can offer this service on or off site as required.

Outsourced Financial Controller Service

Many businesses do not have a requirement for a full-time internal financial controller. Our outsourced financial controller service gives you access to highly qualified individuals who can provide you with the key monthly or quarterly reporting that you require, without the burden of having to take on an employee.

Perhaps your business is in the early stages of its lifecycle where the cost of an internal financial controller is prohibitive. Perhaps your company is in a growth phase where your financial reporting requirement is growing. In both of these cases, key financial information is critical. We can do this for you.

We make the information meaningful – we will not simply present you with reports, we will work with you to ensure you receive the information that you need and will discuss the implications of same with you.

Our team of customer focused professionals dispatch each morning to businesses all over Cork providing this service.

Our Services Include:

  • Implementation/review of accounting systems, procedures and controls
  • Preparation of detailed financial projection
  • Manage ongoing relationships with financial institutions
  • Preparation and review of monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Attendance at board meetings
  • Dealing with ad-hoc tax issues

Financial Accounting & Advisory

  • Review of existing book-keeping procedures and ongoing management of these
  • Guidance on establishing your account system
  • Development of effective departmental and management reporting
  • Production of management accounts
  • Preparation of VAT, PAYE/PRSI returns
  • Preparation of annual financial statements

Contact us for a quotation on how we can help you.

Cloud Accounting' is good for business

Cloud-based accounting software gives small businesses better tools, information and connections. It connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, providing you with a better overview of your finances and improving collaboration with your team.

Cloud accounting software is similar to traditional, on-premises or self-install accounting software, except that the accounting software is hosted on remote servers. Data is sent into ‘the cloud’, where it is processed and returned to the user.

You can use cloud-based software from any device with an Internet connection, which enables small business owners to stay connected to their data and their accountants. Online accounting software can integrate with a whole ecosystem of add-ons and there’s no need to install and run applications over a desktop computer. This means that it’s scalable, cost effective and easy to use.

The cloud is also one of the most secure ways to store information. If, for example, your laptop is stolen, no one can access your data unless they have a login to the online account. This is where the data lives rather than on your hard drive. And if you invite users to view your data, you can control their level of access. This is much more secure than emailing files.

In the event of a natural disaster or fire, business productivity doesn’t have to be affected because there’s no downtime. Being in ‘the cloud’ means that all your information is safely and securely stored off-site. Provided that you have access to any computer or mobile device that is connected to the Internet, you’re back up and running.

We can be involved as much or as little as you need. The benefit of being cloud-based software means collaboration can take place from anywhere with an Internet connection, on any device. No time wasted, or added expense downloading or copying information to send to your accountant.

Contact our business centre team to see how we can help you in going with a suitable Cloud Based programme.

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