We’re not new to private business, but we might be new to yours. From stimulating growth and protecting your legacy, we know private business leaders have a lot on their plate. We understand complexity and problem solving. At F & P, we are continuing to grow our business to help you grow yours – by providing top class solutions that are built around you. At F & P, it all adds up to The New Equation. We privately act and advise business leaders, CEOs and individuals on a totally confidential basis to help, support, listen and understand. With our trusted professional network we can bring in the various specialists needed to build, manage and protect your wealth.

We work with high net individuals where we can add value in the service we provide, helping them to move to live and work in the Kinsale and West Cork area. We have done this successfully for the last 25 years. We are embedded socially, economically and professionally and have key relationships with local firms and service providers with a network of trusted service providers in the area.

In modern day life moving country for work or just to build up on life experience means there is an ever increasing number of Expatriates around the world. Unfortunately legal, tax and investment rules have not been amended to account for this new mobile workforce. Leaving Expats in a virtual quagmire of complexity and confusion on how to make the most appropriate decisions for managing their financial affairs.

Our solution has been to develop a network of best in class Experts in a number of different countries covering all aspects such as tax, accounting, legal, financial planning and debt, to deliver the optimum solution tailored to your needs, often working with existing advisers in their home country.

We have successfully managed this for our private clients for the last 20 years and helping those moving to the area, buying or selling a property and managing the tax planning and practical items that need to be handled to add value to our expatriate clients. Moving to the area working with other professionals to help navigate same.

Cormac Fitzgerald FCPA