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Family & Owner Managed Business Consulting

Families and Owner Managed businesses represent over 90% of all companies in Ireland. However, 70% fail to make the transition to the second generation and only 13% survive to the third generation. This is because family and owner managed businesses experience problems unique to the nature of their ownership and inevitably take their toll.

Fitzgerald & Partners
Fitzgerald & Partners              

Issues include:

  • Understanding and satisfying the differing expectations of the shareholders and family members
  • Ensuring that the process of succession is being effectively managed
  • Implementing professional management structures and practices as the business evolves
  • Introducing clear and separate decision making processes for each of the shareholders, business and family
  • Securing the support of all through effective communication

How can we help?

At Fitzgerald & Partners we have developed the Family and Owner Managed Business Programme's especially to assist owners and their family's to overcome these issues.

What does the Programme Seek to Achieve?

To help you understand the dynamics of your business through addressing the following issues:

  • Who to bring into the Business?
  • Who to designate as a successor and how to transfer power?
  • Whether and how to share in ownership?
  • How to protect family wealth and minimise tax?
  • How to decide on dividend policy?

To ensure that the owner and their family's expectations and aspirations in relation to the business are clear, and that all family members working in the business have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

  • To enable owner manager's and their family members to cope with succession
  • Recognise the issues facing successful succession
  • Analyse the taxation implication of succession and seeks to optimise the position
To focus the owners and their families on the need to further professionalise the growing business such as
  • Develop a strategic business plan and implement sound business management systems
  • Introduction of effective Board of Directors